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Me as a customer servant

My strongest attribute at work has always been the fact that I am an excellent customer servant. I have gotten plenty of positive feedback on the matter and have also been awarded for it by my employer. I have worked in customer service for almost ten years and have encountered every possible kind of customer there is. Some are nice, and some not so much, but the key to being a good customer servant is being able to make every one of them feel important and welcome.

When I heard that I was going to be working at a hotel reception, I wasn't worried or nervous. I knew that a big part of the work was interacting with customers and that was something that comes easy to me. I realised that even though the working environment and the tools were different, it still wasn't unlike working at a restaurant or a cafe, as I have done before.

SWOT- table of my skills as a customer servant

One thing thing that was different about working at a hotel reception was that the customers needed more help and instructions. The wanted to know about the hotel and our services, the surroundings, events and train and bus timetables. I have lived in Lahti for most of my life so luckily I know the town quite well, especially the town center. And it there was something I didn't know personally, the customers were happy to wait and let me check the internet or ask a colleague. I still managed to get good feedback from them.

So far I haven't encountered anything that was particularly hard or challenging for me. I feel that working at a hotel reception is easier and physically less demanding than my own job at a restaurant. But still this time has been interesting and I have gained new perspective to customer service.

Second part of my SWOT- table

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